growing strawberries in soil
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The Easy Way To Grow Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the easiest fruits to grow, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for the easiest way to grow this popular summer fruit.   Strawberries are quick to fruit and can be grown in the ground, in pots on the patio, in hanging baskets or even indoors.  Strawberries are also great to grow with kids and are tasty to eat straight off the plant.

Grow strawberries in soil

Grow strawberries from potted plants

You can grow strawberries from seed.  You can grow strawberries from what’s called “bare-root runners” (which is essentially a rooted plant), or you can grow strawberries from a plant.  As we’re all about making it easy, then the easiest way to grow strawberries is from a potted plant.  You can buy them online, or pick them up from your local garden centre.  Give yourself the best start growing strawberries and make them an established plant.  Your strawberry plant will last up to 6 years, so this is going to last a while.

Use the best compost for growing strawberries

Growing healthy, juicy strawberries means you need to feed them effectively.  So you’ll want to plant your new strawberry plants in decent compost.  There are all sorts of compost available – go for a good brand, preferably with slow-release nutrients.  However, those nutrients will be absorbed by your plants over time and you’ll need to add more feed to the plant in order to get the best yield from your strawberries.  Tomato fertilizer is a good all-rounder if you don’t want to buy specific strawberry plant food.

Grow strawberries in pots, bags or hanging baskets

We’ve written about growing vegetables in pots here, and the strawberry is a fruit plant that does well in pots, containers, bags or even hanging baskets.  Strawberry plants create new plants, called runners, which hang prettily in hanging baskets.  Just make sure whatever container or pot you choose to grow your strawberry plants in (you can get four plants in a regular 35cm hanging basket), that you cut drainage holes and water it well.

Grow Strawberries near these Plants

All fruit and vegetables grow better if they’re close to what’s called the right companion plants.  And with strawberries, the best companion plants are lettuce, onions, spinach, and asparagus, even if you’re growing strawberries in pots and containers, positioning them near to these plants will help give you healthy plants.

Grow strawberries indoors

Growing strawberries outside from plants and in pots and containers might be a supremely easy way to grow strawberries, but there’s an even easier way to grow strawberries.  And you don’t even need soil to do it.  It’s called hydroponics.  And it simply means growing without soil and using water and nutrients.  It’s fabulously easy. You don’t need much space at all.  A hydroponics starter kit to grow strawberries measures 60cm x 40cm x 18cm.  It can sit on your countertop easily.  And it even comes with integrated energy-efficient grow lamps.   These systems automatically water, feed and provide the right nutrients to your plants.  All you need to do is plant the seeds.  Fill up the tanks and harvest your strawberries.  Easy eh?  Strawberries are THE most recommended of all hydroponic fruits to grow.

Plant runners from your strawberry plants

Your strawberry plants will continue to provide fruits for 5 to 6 years, with the biggest harvests in their first and second years.  But what they’ll also do is provide you with new plants that will also grow strawberries.  These new plants, called “runners”, should be snipped off after you’ve harvested your strawberries and planted.  So that’s next years strawberry harvest sorted!

After harvesting your strawberries get the plant ready for next year

One of the great things about strawberries is that they are perennial – meaning that they last more than two years.  So to get the best from your strawberry plants you’ll want to tidy them up after you’ve picked the strawberries.  Remove any dead or dying leaves, cut back the foliage in autumn and give them a good feed to get them through the winter.  Protect the pots and containers if it’s going to be cold (they don’t like frost) and you’ll have set your strawberry plants up for another season next year.

How Will You Grow Strawberries Easily?

The compact and pretty strawberry is a fun fruit to grow, especially if you have kids.  You can grow this perennial fruit in virtually any container and even indoors.  This year’s strawberry plants will even provide you with new plants that you can harvest from next year!  We hope you’ve found this quick guide to the easy way to grow strawberries useful, let us know which way you decide to use!

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